Aptitude Test eF-1G

To those looking to ensure success in recruiting,developing, and harnessing human resources

Fully and accurately understand your human resources with a high-level of character comprehension Aptitude Test eF-1G

  • No. 1 Number of Assessment Points 193 Items
  • Only One The only assessment test that can be used consistently. from the recruitment process to. promotion and appointment
  • Top Quality Supervision by psychology, statistics, and cross-cultural psychiatry experts

※ November 10, 2014 (Based on e-Falcon data)

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Bringing success in hiring and developing human resources 3 Traits of eF-1G

Trait 1 No. 1

Revealing human character -
Myriad of assessment points ranging from broad to deep
Painting a clear image of human traits and subtleties with 193 assessment items. By systematically comprehending an individual’s makeup from one’s fundamental nature established through experiences from the developmental stage of life (Fundamentality), to speech and behaviors that shape one’s fundamental personality (Personality), to abilities and behavioural characteristics developed through one’s initiatives (Capacity), and the ability to display Certain roles in one's surroundings, (Suitability), you will be able to better and deeply grasp each individual’s human character.

Trait 2 Only One

Practical assessment developed
from the workplace
The HR“know-how”concentrated and polished from experience at over 1,000 workplaces.
Reliable assessment that is consistent from the recruiting process to promotion and appointment.
Does not only come with an assessment outcome forms, but includes other rich and standardized sub-forms of evaluation such as interview forms and individual feedback forms useful in the workplace.
Flexible customization to meet individual needs of your company
With our rich assessment items, We are able to customize sub-forms based on your organization's unique selection criteria for recruitment,promotion and appointment at an affordable price.
We won’t finish just at just “seeing“ the results, but will fully support “capable” results that will work with the PDCA cycle.

Trait 3 Top Quality

High reliability based on psychology, statistics,
and cross-cultural Studies
Questions and items for the assessment tests are set up based on experience accumulated over 15 years with experts in each field overseeing different aspects of the assessments: Professor Akira TAGO for psychological aspects, for statistics, Professor Masakatsu MURAKAMI, and Professor Yakugun TEI for cross-cultural suitability aspects.
We also offer global customization of our tests. When offering our test in other languages, documents are not simply translated but back-translation (translating back into original language), native check, cultural expert check is done so that intent of questions can be fully comprehended based on the test-taker's country, religion, customs, and culture backgrounds.
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Scenarios where eF-1G can be applied

Accomplishments Over 500 companies Number of yearly test takers Over 10,000 Total number of test takers Over 1 million

Centered around employment screening of new graduates, our assessment is applied in various situations to care for human resources from development to appointment (reshuffling and transfers).
Our assessment can be applied in multiple facets including talent management (finding hidden talents, cultivation, active utilization, career development) and HR management.

※ November 10, 2014

The only assessment that is reliable and consistent
The only reliable aptitude test in Japan 
that is consistent in every respect of HR care from selection to 
development and appointment.
The only reliable aptitude test in Japan 
that is consistent in every respect of HR care from selection to development and appointment.
Able to assess and fully grasp each person’s character, skills, and traits from applicant screening to current employees. Through these means, consistency will be applied from applicant screening, assigning and organizing teams, HR development, and appointing and finding hidden talents.

Assessment that is consistent

  • Scenario 1 [Applicant Screening]
  • Scenario 2 [Assigning & Organizing Teams]
  • Scenario 3 [HR Development]
  • Scenario 4 [Appointing & Finding Hidden Talents]

Scenario 1

Apply in applicant screening

Verbalization and selection of desired HR

Helping HR representative in charge of identifying strengths and weaknesses of key persons in each rank verbalize their findings and evaluations, and to discern an individual’s capacity during the screening process.
Point3Selecting and confirming aptitude of high performers
Define requirements for people bringing in results, and prioritise and select those with high aptitude.
Point5Implementing diversity to secure diverse HR
Developing a process to set and secure a certain amount of people per personality type to avoid over-hiring same types of people.
Point7Confirming the degree of risk of problematic behaviour
Confirm the degree of risk during recruitment stage based on HR analysis of problematic behaviour.
Point2Guidance and formation of high quality group of initial recruits
Form a quality group of initial recruits and prioritise those with the right capacity based on requirement definition for core personnel.

Hiring high-spirited males

Identify selective males during the initial process of applicant screening that can be developed and fully employed, and help motivate and guide them until official hire (with an eye towards cultivating them after joining your organisation).

Hiring globally in overseas offices

Define requirements for highly capable personnel for each branch, and hire the best suited people.

Preventing refusal of job offer

Cultivate interviewers that can understand the individuality of each applicant based on our personality assessment and attract capable people during the interview.

Scenario 2

Apply in assigning & organizing HR
Point1Assigning people to sections and positions original to your organization
Assign jobs to people according to their aptitude that fit your organisation’s structure - not just their personal requests.
Point2Best orginizational make-up (Team building)
With our very own patented technology, we will analyse the quality of your organisation - the make-up and fit of individuals and teams, as well as, how to maximise team performance - based on defined requirements of your desired personnel.

Scenario 3

Apply in HR development
Point1On the job training according to employee traits
Pick out the right role models and develop OJT program specific to each subordinates’ personality.
Point3Training to strengthen corporate communication
By helping to identify each individual’s behaviours and thought patterns from the personality assessment, we offer training to understand how individuals can better communicate with one another.
Point2Helping employees be career conscious within your organisation
Help employees become independently career conscious by allowing them to see the growth of occupations within your organisation and understand where they stand.

Strengthening Management

After fully understanding and identifying current state of management, we will help manifest desired management conditions by introducing new action procedures.

Scenario 4

Apply to identify and appoint

Consideration of top management

Based on desired and defined requirements for top management (executives, managers, etc.), we will make clear the best people to appoint for managerial and upper-management positions.
Point3Confirming and identifying the right personnel for overseas assignments
By examining the qualifications for managerial positions in overseas offices based on defined requirements, we will help pick out the right people for these positions.

Supporting women in the workplace

By defining requirements for high-performers that will also bring out the best in women, we will help unearth hidden talent within your organisation.

Identify hidden talent

By shining the light on “unsung heroes,” who possess but have not been able to bring out their full potential for whatever reason, we will assist in catapulting high-potential employees’ individual careers, as well as, group performance within an organisation.
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Product Outline

Specifications of Assessment Test

Test Items Number of questions & items Approximate time required How assessment will be reported Data Table Prices
A. Character
251 questions,
80 items
Can be taken in
20 - 40 minutes
5 types
・One Main Form
・Four Sub Forms
 1, Employment Interview Form
 2, Feedback Form
 3, Worksheet Form
 4, Placement of Work Form  
193 Items
(eF-1G items,
eF-1 items)
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more information
B. Ability Test 114 questions divided
into 19 blocks
30 minutes
Test platforms Test can be taken with the newest version of the following internet browsers.
Microsoft IE、Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome /Safari(Mac)
Compatible with tablet devices (*Not compatible with smartphones)
Offered languages Japanese, English, Chinese
Personal authentication SMS (IPV) certified
Customized test screen Customizable (Header, title, protocols, etc.)
System testing check to make sure
ability test is fully functional
Available (Testing to safeguard against system failures during actual testing)
Suspension and resuming of tests *There may be no breaks or stoppage during the personality assessment test once it has started.
Breaks can be taken during the ability test.
Release of test results Immediate results in a matter of seconds
Company website Japanese, English
Comparison of Aptitude Test
Free trial test for the first 3 users!
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Price Packages

Regular Plan(Support included)

To customers looking for plans that include support
Assistance will be provided to HR representative to make seamless use of our support service,
which will include how to interpret and apply assessment and diagnostic results.
Consultations for making improvements and countermeasures is also provided.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.
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Method of
time required
(on average)

Price (tax not included)

Base Rate

Volume Pricing
(Per User)

Regular Plan(Support included)


Character Assessment
+ Ability Test
Can be taken in 50 - 70 minutes

JPY 100,000

JPY 3,000

JPY 2,000

JPY 1,000

Accepting volume discounts
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Contact us freely for any inquiries
Character Assessment Can be taken in
20 - 40 minutes
Ability Test Approximately
30 minutes
* Negotiable - Please contact our sales department.

【Support Details】
1) Support for initial introduction and implementation
 ・Assistance will be provided to HR representative to make seamless use of support service
 ・Full explanations will be given on how to understand and apply assessment results. *There will be a separate charge for consultations to interpret individual results. 2) Support for collaboration with PDCA cycle
 ・Assistance will be provided to make countermeasures and improvements based on data from simplified analysis and results from past actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of companies use your tests?
Over 500 companies ranging in various fields and industries make use of our assessments tests, such as; financial corporations, automobile & electronic makers, IT, chemical producers, food companies, restaurant chains, retailers, SPA, advertising agencies, media, etc.
Is my personal information safe?
Internet security will be obtained by PrivacyMark System ensuring the safeguard and management of personal information.
・PrivacyMark license number 10821237 (05)
When will I be able to view the test results?
We offer immediate results within a matter of seconds after the submission of test(s).
Can the test be taken on a tablet?
Our assessments are not dependent on any computer OS. It can be utilised from any PC or tablet with the newest version of the following browsers.

Microsoft IE、Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome /Safari(Mac)
Can the tests be taken in other languages?
Tests can be fully taken in English and Chinese. In order to accurately convey translated documents, back-translation (translation of translated documents back to original language, reverse translation) is used to translate documents.
We are currently looking to offer tests in further languages. However, we will be able to customise tests in other languages. If you are looking to inquire about other languages, please contact us freely.
I’d like to give it a try, but...
We offer free trial tests, which you can sign up for through our inquiry form. Up to 3 users per organization/company will be able to take the trial test. However, please note that individual requests or requests from persons of personnel services with similar trade as e-Falcon may be denied.
What kind of people oversee the tests?
Akira TAGO, professor emeritus at Chiba University, who authored the bestseller, “Mental Gymnastics”amongst other literary works, oversees the psychological aspects of the assessments. Professor Masakatsu MURAKAMI of Doshisha University is in charge of statistics, and Yakugun TEI, Chief of the Research Center for East Asian Studies, supervises cross-cultural aspects.
What does the “G” stand for in eF-1G?

GlobalFor anybody,
anywhere in the world

GreatExpanding people’s horizons

GeniusUnearthing talents

GrowthSustaining growth

GoalAiming for the best human resources

The “G” actually incorporates the 5 meanings explained above.

What kind of know-how do you have? Is it original?
We have patented our original diagnostic model based on data we’ve collected through out aptitude assessments.

・ Methods, tools, and programs to help guide the success of each member
(Patent no. 4548574)

・ Collective Evaluation Tool (Patent no. 4418693)

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