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Message from
the President

In 2015, we renewed our corporate identity which marked a new beginning for e-Falcon.

Fifteen years earlier when this company was founded, it was established without a clear corporate philosophy.

It was because we started with a policy of, “Words without action & experience will never move people. All we can do from the start is to act.”From this policy, we have built our code of ethics based on traits from the “falcon” - used in our company name - which derives from the Chinese character hayabusa, to“soar high, fly faster, and approach objectives with precision.”

However, there came a time where we felt the need to express what all of our past efforts had built and to set our corporate philosophy. After one year in which all e-Falcon staff contributed in the “branding” of this company, we’ve finally arrived at expressing the value of what’s really important at e-Falcon.

The “Sight on” referred in our Corporate Message includes the meaning of, “Don’t just focus on what you can see, but dissect the inner meaning.” In “Think up,” it incorporates the meaning of, “Thinking things through to very end without compromise.” Putting these two phrases together, we’ve ended the phrase with a comma to include the meaning of, “Continuing without limitations.”By establishing our corporate mission as, “Sight on, Think up,” the value that this motto incorporates from our past endeavours will succeed to the younger generation. Through this, I hope that all future collaborations can be done so in a truthful and sincere manner, so both your organisation and e-Falcon can progress together.


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