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Regarding handling of personal information of inquiries

1.    Purpose of using Personal Information
Acquired personal information will only be used to respond to the questions and the requests included in the inquiries.   

2.    Providing Personal Information to third parties
None of the acquired personal information will be provided or disclosed to a third party.

3.    Consigning the handling of Personal Information
Depending on the content of the inquiry, all or a part of personal information of the user will be consigned to the contractor.
In that case, e-FALCON will conclude contracts such as non-disclosure agreement and appropriately supervise the contractor.

4.    Personal Information subjected to disclosure and Personal Information Support Center
Requests(to notify the purpose of use, disclose, correct, add, or delete personal information or requests that forbid the use or provision of such information to third party) from the user regarding his/her personal information subjected to disclosure will be responded.
Please contact our Personal Information Support Center below in matters of personal information disclosure.

5.    Security Control Measures of Personal Information
Necessary and appropriate measures shall be taken for the personal information obtained to prevent and correct leakage, loss or damage thereof and otherwise safely control the personal information.

6.    Arbitrary nature of the provision of Personal Information
Although personal information will be submitted by users at their own discretion to the utmost, response may not be given if there are omissions or no submission of essential information.

7. Receiving Personal Information via ways in which users cannot easily recognize
Personal Information will not be received via ways in which users cannot easily recognize, such as cookies.

8. Chief Privacy Officer
Chief Privacy Officer: Akira Mizusu
Contact: Please contact our Personal Information Support Center below

9. Contact for Complaints and Requests related to Handling of Personal Information
<Personal Information Support Center> 
Personal Information Support Center: Satoshi Yoshida
〒104-0061 8th Floor, Ginza 1-Chome East Building 1-19-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel:+813-6228-7817 FAX:+813-6228-6287
(10:00 - 18:00 except Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and Year-end and New Year holidays)


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